+ Dementia


Final Year University Project.

After my Mom was diagnosed with dementia in 2013, me and my family lived with the illness for five years and I didn’t want the experience and everything I’d learnt to go to waste. I designed a care tool that aims to retain a sense of self for those living with dementia, something that is built upon by the individual themselves throughout their lifetime, before the onset of dementia. It asks participants to consider what ten possessions/aspects of daily life they feel are most important to them, and what they’d want to be retained as part of their routine if they were to receive a diagnosis tomorrow. These CD collections act as a way to document and communicate these important parts of who we are to our possible future carers.

Not only is this designed as a realistic care tool, it should be seen as a provocation for change. For people living with an illness that confuses and shifts the way you view yourself and how others view you, it’s of upmost importance that we find ways to recognise and effectuate their sense of self, helping people to consider the emotional as well as the medical support needed in dementia care today.

Project process blog: https://plus-dementia.tumblr.com