A brief overview...

From packaging design and brand development to social media, UI design and digital illustration, I have already experienced the versatility that this industry can offer, which only furthers my enthusiasm to keep learning and growing as a designer in new and unexpected territories.


My ambitious nature and determined work ethic ensure I am constantly working at my upmost capability, and pushing myself to always produce the best work possible. 

Whilst the majority of my work experience has been rooted in graphic design, I still consider my practice to be multi-disciplinary by nature. 


As I continue to develop my skills through the digital world of design - primarily through Adobe’s Creative Cloud softwares - I am excited to constantly discover new realms of the creative industry that my own practice can influence, and be influenced by. 

Outside of work, my hobbies include reading, baking, 80s music, female empowerment, rosé wine and laughing at my own dark sense of humour.